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First basalt fiber rebar factory established in Fujairah

Dec 20, 2018

Mr. Hassan (Fujairah)


Arab Mining Company announced that it intends to establish its first factory in Fujairah for the manufacture of Basalt Fiber Rebar, with plans to begin construction soon, the first of its kind in Middle East and North Africa, which is expected to create 200 jobs locally.


Arab Mining Company and Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation signed an agreement to establish the first qualitative and innovative factory in the Middle East and North Africa to manufacture basalt fiber rebar.


According to Engineer Mohamed Saif Al-Afkham, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation and the Director General of Fujairah Municipality, “The Corporation aims to enter a qualitative stage of mining work, which exploits natural resources in the emirate for qualitative and new production in the mining industries sector. The first qualitative step of this policy, according to Al-Afkham, involves the establishment of a factory to manufacture basalt rebar, an innovative idea to reduce the use of reinforced steel in construction operations. The director general of Fujairah Municipality, Al Afkham, stated that the municipality has allocated an area of ​​40,000 square meters for the new factory, Construction is scheduled to begin immediately. Fujairah’s government, represented by the Municipality and the Corporation, has granted all facilities to attract the company that will produce a quality product that benefits the local market.



Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arab Mining Company, Mohamed Al Shehhi, said: “The new factory represents a serious start for the company’s position in Fujairah and will provide the local market with a quality product that has proven its efficiency in international markets as an alternative to rebar in construction locations.” As he explained, in the first stage, the production share will be 5,000 tons per year, and in the later stages, it will be raised to meet the needs of the Gulf market and the local market in United Arab Emirates.


Al Shehhi stated that this is the only project in the Middle East and North Africa region, and it will generate innovative, value-added, and environmentally friendly products, most notably basalt fiber rebar, which are used globally as a substitute for steel reinforcement as they possess a number of unique characteristics. These include its high durability, resistance to acids and alkalis, and adaptability to all types of climates. There will be at least two hundred direct and indirect workers employed by this project, which will revive the emirate’s economy.


In a statement, Eng.Ali Qassem, General Manager of Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation, expressed his pleasure at signing the agreement, emphasizing how it reflects the success of the corporation’s strategy and that of Arab Mining Company in establishing the first project of its kind in the region. The partnership reflects the aspirations of both sides to invest in this vital sector, he said.

Arab Mining company – Fujairah

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